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A national flag is one of the first rites of passage when a country gains independence. Each one tells a story about the country's history and culture. And while Chad and Romania are nearly indistinguishable, some flags have incredibly beautiful and unique designs. Here are 18 of the coolest national flags and what their designs represent. 1 Portugal - (Coolest Country Flag)The flag of Portugal is a beautiful flag in green and red colors. It is one of the best national flags that signify the blood shed by the people of Portugal in the hopes of creating a better tomorrow.. The shield in the flag has legendary meaning. It signifies the 5 shields that the Count of Portugal won by defeating 5 Moorish kings Swaziland's flag does still come equipped with a couple of spears though, which should definitely help if you're ever in a fight with a man with a gun. ACTUAL FLAG FACT: The black and white pattern on the shield represents a peaceful coexistence between all races in the country. 6. Panama. Johnny Cash's 'Hurt'. The Clash's 'I Fought The Law'

The flags of each country represent a culture, they represent the pride we have for the country we belong to, and provide a symbol of the place we live in. Not long ago (2012) the flags of all the nations of the world were gathered in order to see which was the most beautiful flag in the world,. The 25 Coolest Flags You Have Never Seen. We all have our favorite flags. They are usually national flags, perhaps related to our ethnicity. The Union Jack, the Mexican Flag, the German flag, etc. Truly these are all beautiful flags, but I have compiled a list of rarer flags I have encountered over the years that are truly unique, appealing, and well designed T here are 196 countries in the world today and 196 flags for each and every one of them. Some of them are really similar, some of them are odd, some of them are funny, and some of them have religious symbols, letters, sentences or treesPeople are always identifying themselves with their national flags because it gives them a good feeling and pride about the country they were born or live in Flags have been since before we began recording history to symbolize movements, peoples, and even individuals. Every country in the world has a flag - some weird, some beautiful, and some incredibly boring (Libya's flag for instance - plain green and nothing else). This list looks at ten flags or types of flags that are unique in one or another aspect from other flags Country flags of the world (list of all 254) This list includes all countries and dependent territories that are part of ISO 3166-1, countries of the United Kingdom and Kosovo.If you are only interested in sovereign states, go to the flags of UN members

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Flags are so hard to get right, you have to get the right blend of emblems and colours while still designing them in such a way that represents your country. Or someone else's country if you. My favourite is the Norwegian flag. It looks good to me. The design is unique (all Nordics have it, but I mean unique apart from them), the live red with the deep blue make it contrast and the thin white border makes it more elegant (I think white..

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  1. There are as much as 196 countries in the world today, and there are 196 flags for each and every one of them. Today, we share with you 15 Most Beautiful Flags in the World.. In fact, a flag is regarded as a unique identifier of a country
  2. All those country songs about the American flag just got way more interesting. 5. Belize. It's like there was a meeting and the person in charge of the meeting was like,.
  3. Weird@Wanderlust | 01 February 2015 The world's strangest flags and why we love them. National flags are meant to distill the core values of a country. They don't always get it right but we love them all the same
  4. The Welsh flag The poll, which has had almost 184,000 votes from across the world, has listed the Welsh flag (at the time of writing on February 28) as the coolest national flag on the entire.
  5. Top 25 Coolest National Flags show list info. Click on each country with a cool flag you have been to and then save your score!! Good luck!!!!! ***** 258 users · 3,547 views made by Daniel Israel. avg. score: 6 of 25 (22%) required scores: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 list stats leaders vote Vote.
  6. Countries, states, provinces and cities have all felt, at some point, the need to create a flag to inspire pride, but the results were not always something to be proud of. Meet some of the strangest, most bizarre flags from around the world
  7. 18 cool country flags meanings 59 interesting city flags from best to 59 interesting city flags from best to 10Read More Top 10 Coolest Flags In The Worl

A flag embodies the hopes and aspirations of a country or state. It's more than just an emblem — it's a grand statement. So it's too bad so many flags are kind of boring. Here are. Country flags of the world. Being an important symbol of the sovereign state, the national flags describe in their colors and design the history and the present day of the countries. The most famous of them have become the widely known symbols and country brands, recognized in every corner of the world Top 10 country flag icon sets cool tattoos flags of countries these 10 flags are objectively the best the 10 indisbly worst flags in Which Country Has The Best Flag RingerThese 10 Flags Are Objectively The Best In World Joe Co UkWhich Country Has The Best Flag RingerTop 10 Country Flag Icon SetsWhich Middle Eastern Read More While most flags are actually pretty boring, these 15 cool flags beg to differ, with interesting backstories, boundary-breaking designs, or just, you know, dragons. The World's Coolest, Most.

Get Random Coolest National Flags - This list of the best country flags is ranked from best to worst and includes the coolest flags from any country on earth. When considering which country has the best flag, there are a few things that we must consider. The design should be simple, memorable, and worthy of the nation it represents, or simply just really, really cool Because vexillology is pretty wild... 1. Mozambique The only national flag in the world to feature a modern assault rifle. The AK-47 is supposed to represent defence and vigilance in a country that was beset with civil war for over a decade. 2. Hawaii Despite never being part of the British Empire, Hawaii still bears the Union Jack in its top corner Which country has the coolest looking flag? 185 comments. share. save. hide. report. 88% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 68 points · 2 years ago. Mozambique's has an AK-47 on it, if that's your call thing. level 2 They're grand old flags; they're high-flying flag, and forever in peace may they wave. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 1..

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Coolest/Worst Country Flags. Thread starter Krajzen; Start date Mar 30, 2015; Menu We will be taking the forums down for scheduled maintenance on 12 August 2020 at approximately 3PM CDT (8PM UTC / 10PM CEST), this downtime is currently estimated to last around 1 hour Coolest/Worst Country Flags. Thread starter Krajzen; Start date Mar 30, 2015; Menu Crusader Kings III Available Now! The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher's grand strategy role-playing game franchise Many country flag designs feature some sort of animal, none of them creates the same impression as the eagle of the Albanian flag. The flag design contains rich symbolism and history. The black double-headed eagle represents the country's sovereignty while the red colour represents Albania's valour, bravery and strength For a long time the tiny nation of Liechtenstein between Switzerland and Austria had the exact same flag of Haiti. No one noticed until one of the Olympic games. So Liechtenstein added a crown to theirs. The former nations of Gran Colombia have ad.. Get help for country flags on Helpwire.com. Satisfy your search and more! Deals & promos

But starting this Flag Day, I'm using this post as a means of definitively* ranking the coolest-looking (contemporary) flags around the world until there aren't any left. See you next year. The blue rectangle, originally adopted from the Union Flag since erstwhile Malaya was a British colony, now means unity of the people of the country. The flag was adopted on May 26, 1950.

Well I've looked at every flag. And I'm from Korea, but the country that I think has the coolest flag is a country called Albania. The flag has a two headed eagle. That's pretty cool. Most flags. Unique Flying Objects : Country and State Flags - Kites Spinners/Windwheels Windsocks Artistic Banners Feather Flags Commercial Flags Toys/Games Bamboo And Capiz Chimes Spirals Hot Air Balloons Flags Sky Lanterns Pleated Fans/Buntings Halloween Solar Garden Stakes Poles and Accessories Water Lanterns Swimming Fish/Bird Windicator Bouncing Buddies Green Bay Packers Items T-shirts Sunglasses. Yes, images of the Confederate flag are invoked here, but 'Bama's state legislature adopted this flag in 1895 (30 years after slavery was abolished), and we want to give it the benefit of the doubt what flag do you find the coolest, besides your own country's flag? and what country are you from Mozambique Flag . The only national flag in the world to feature a modern assault rifle. The AK-47 is supposed to represent defence and vigilance in a country that was beset with civil war for over a decade. Antwerp Flag . One of the worst flags in the world comes from the state of Antwerp in Belgium. It's a chess board on acid

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Flags of European countries. All country flags of this region are more or less known worldwide. Of course, the most recognized of them is the United Kingdom's Union Jack, with its unique design combining 3 different crosses in one field. Its design also used in the national flags of other countries the former members of the British Empire We may never know what the actual flag was, be it the Restore the Constitution of 1824 protest flag* or the Lone Star and Stripes, as the actual flag is in the Mexican National Archive and shall never see the light of day. San Jacinto flag of Burnet's Volunteers Burnet's Flag, and the first Civic flag of the Republican perio Anyways, you can post flags of any country from both the past to now. And you can show some pride in your flag and country associated as long as you don't go overboard. Also I am allowing alternate history flags as well. Now back to the discussion at hand, my favorite flag of the week, as of now is this: Look at the rainbow and be amazed The main problem is, of course, every nationality in the world believes it is the coolest -- with the exception of Canadians, who are far too self-deprecating for that sort of thing

Download now the free icon pack 'Countrys Flags'. Available source files and icon fonts for both personal and commercial use What Country had the Coolest flag in history? I like the British flag, the Japanese war time Rising sun flag, the soviet Hammer & Sickle flag is cool. What's your opinion? Answer Save. 11 Answers. Relevance. ammianus. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Favourite answer Discussion what country has the world's coolest flag?. Title. Autho This page lists state and national mottos for the world's nations. The mottos for some states lacking general international recognition, extinct states, non-sovereign nations, regions, and territories are listed, but their names are not bolded.. A state motto is used to describe the intent or motivation of the state in a short phrase. For example, it can be included on a country's flag, coat.

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  1. Flag used by several South Asian communist parties Flag of People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (1967-1990) Flag of People's Republic of the Congo (1970-1991
  2. Index P. Click on one of the entries to see basic information, larger images of the flag and other flags of that country or organization. On some pages you will find sub-section buttons below the flags that will take you to even more flags
  3. Of the 39 English counties 38 have registered flags. Bedfordshire - Registered Flag Berkshire - Registered Flag Buckinghamshire - Registered Flag Cambridgeshire - Registered Flag Cornwall - Registered Flag County Durham - Registered Flag Cheshire - Registered Flag Cumberland - Registered Flag Derbyshire - Registered Flag Devon - Registered Flag Dorset - Registered Flag Essex - Registered Flag.
  4. Learn all the countries of Europe by playing this fun geography game! Just click the map to answer the questions
  5. Download now the flags icon pack 'Countrys Flags |flags of the world | flags ico

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The Union Jack is for Britain. Made up of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Many English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish people, particularly Glasgow Rangers fans, regard this as their national flag despite each nation having their own flag 5) Capitals quiz: for the given flag, guess the capital of the corresponding country: for example, if the flag of Egypt is shown, the correct answer is Cairo. 6) Maps and Flags: pick the correct flag for the country highlighted on the world map

Flags are the symbol of unity, honour and freedom. Each and every flag in this world hold a dignity, sacrifice and a noble history. You can find here world flag images, pictures, names with patriotic quotes. With these beautifully decorated flags of all countries images you can celebrate your country's independence day Flag name: Ratio:: Grid size Shop quality international flags at Flags Importer. Our extensive selection of over 250 international flags lets you shop for your favorite country's flag

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At the United States Flag Store, you'll find literally thousands of different flags for every type of state, country, religion, sport, holiday, and other general interest you can think of. We even make custom flags, so if you don't see what you want on the website, you'll see it on your very own flag soon This country has a lot more to offer than you might know. After reading this, you will better appreciate the country; here are 10 reasons why South Africa is the coolest country in the world Brazil Flag Country. 31 38 4. Adler Flag July. 28 80 5. Usa Flag American. 52 47 17. Barack Obama. 12 28 0. Flag World Flags. 8 30 1. American Flag Pole. 26 28 1. Usa Us Flag Truth. 15 29 3. Statue Flag Hero. 29 51 5. Veteran Cemetery Flag. 15 22 0. American Flag Close-Up. 18 12 8. Flag America Usa. 21 30 1. Usa Us Flag Trust. 35 35 3. Rainbow. World: Large Countries - Map Quiz Game: Even though there are 195 countries, some stand out on the map more than others. Russia, for example, is just over 17 million square kilometers, while the Canada, the United States, and China are all over 9 million square kilometers. Identifying those may not challenge your geography trivia too much, but this map quiz game has many more countries that. Can you name the flags of the world? Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Thank you for becoming a member

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Flags.com is an online flag store specializing in all flag and flagpole products and accessories.1,000s of American Made products. Fast FREE shipping on most orders $50+. With over 30 years of experience, we are truly the flag and flagpole expert offering 5-star customer service But, it gives us time to ponder why flags can represent a country so effectively. It is as if the country, the population and its history are all embodied in its flag. The brotherhood of nations as emblazoned in the charter of the UN and represented by custom flags of each country, have made a a lot of strides to prevent wars, poverty, hunger, oppression and attain a lasting peace Find out how Christmas is celebrated Around the World in lots of different Countries, Traditions and Cultures

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What are the coolest looking flags? - /int/ - International is 4chan's international board, for the exchange of foreign language and culture What is the coolest flag in history? - Quora. US $0.79 |2018 football games face tattoo body art Waterproof Temporary cool flag Tattoo Sticker water transfer flash fake tattoos|flags tattoo Kazakhstan Flag - Free Pictures of National Country Flags. News updates from Hindustan Times: At 19.2 degrees Celsius, Mumbai records coolest morning of season so far and all the latest news Here are today's top news, analysis, and opinion

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